High-growth, high-demand jobs are available in Galveston County, even without a bachelor’s degree.

There’s a new generation in town: Generation Z.

Born between the mid-1990’s and mid-2000’s, these young people are either just about to finish high school or recently graduated. They grew up during a time of on-going economic and political upheaval, and as they come of age, they want to take control of their destiny.

They understand that we are in the midst of the “gig economy” (meaning employers are hiring contract and part-time workers more than usual) and are looking for a pipeline that can lead them toward a meaningful career that offers the skills training, flexibility, and agility needed to succeed now and in the future.

Gen Z-ers aren’t the only ones looking for greater control over their careers. Baby boomers in career transition, millennials looking to get ahead, and Generations X and Y exiting out of the military all have a place on the pipeline.

How can they get into the pipeline? College of the Mainland is a great place to start.

According to LinkedIn Learning’s Insider Survey, “Over 60% of insiders believe that more employers will make the move to skills-based hiring: choosing candidates based on what they can do, rather than degree or pedigree.” Further, survey results indicated that employers will begin to shift towards skill-based or competency-based hiring, with digital badges and “micro-degrees” serving as an alternative type of credential.

In fact, many high-demand, high-growth jobs will require post-high school education, but not necessarily a four-year degree. In the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce report entitled Good Jobs that Pay Without a BA, the authors note, “The reported death of the middle economy is greatly exaggerated. There are 30 million good jobs in the United States today that pay without a BA. These good jobs have median earnings of $55,000 annually.”

Since 85% of all jobs in Texas require only two years of post-secondary education or less, there are outstanding local opportunities for those who have the requisite skills or who enter a training program that imparts those skills.

COM leads the way

As with so many emerging trends and technologies, College of the Mainland is taking the lead, ensuring that residents have the skills and opportunities needed to succeed within the fastest-growing state in the country.

COM offers many exciting programs emphasizing skill-based learning that lead to good jobs that don’t necessarily require a bachelor’s degree. Programs include:

At COM, you’ll be able to affordably prepare for a career that leads to a good job. Some of these programs enable you to earn an industry recognized certificate in as little as two semesters. Enroll now, and get yourself ready for a career that’s in-demand here in Galveston County.

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